Monday, February 23, 2009

The Horrible AMV Project Begins!

Oh, what we dream up when we're bored!  That was how this all started.  Bored one day, with a new Mac, FinalCut Express, and hard drives full of anime.

This past summer, Joss Whedon and crew released the first (to my knowledge) and best sing-along blog EVER: Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog.  It was smashing!  It had the writing.  It had the acting.  But most importantly, it had the songs.  Such wonderful songs that just beg to be made into anime music videos (AMVs).  And so I decided that I would do it.  I would do as the songs asked and make AMVs of them.  I would, in fact, make an AMV for each of the songs.  It became a project of sorts.  And thus, the Horrible AMV Project was born.

I'm still working on the AMVs, but watch this space for thoughts, updates, and eventually the finished product.

Disclaimer: This is a fan project.  I have not sought permission from Joss Whedon or anyone else associated with Dr. Horrible or any of the Anime used, but instead are relying on their graciousness and ability to see this as nothing but flattery and appreciation of their work.

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