Saturday, March 7, 2009

HQ Version of A Cowboy's Gotta Do Now Available

So finally got their servers all back in order so that I could upload the first video of the Horrible AMV Project. The video has been uploaded, and is free to download. You just have to do a free registration thing on the site. Don't worry. They won't spam you or sell your information. It's just to track what gets downloaded and such. Aaanyway, if you'd like a HQ version of "A Cowboy's Gotta Do" (and who wouldn't?) just head on over here and download away.

The next AMV should be coming sometime soon...ish. Lent has been taking its toll as of late, keeping me busy, busy, busy. But rest assured, I'll be getting to work on the next AMV as soon as possible. Watch this site for more info. Ciao.

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